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The MECHALLIANCE is a group of countries dedicated to sciences of DNA and machines alike. Ian is my second in command, if you wish to join in the alliance act quickly.

Troop types

1. (30,000)TEEs- Troops with exoskeletal suits that give them 250% extra strength and  a 150% speed increase. All TEEs are set up with jet packs to lift them up to airplane heights, heavy armor that is light, two incediary round rifles, one emp rocket on their back, and two overcharge chest cannons that deplete the suit to almost no enery. The chest cannons are made of pure light, making them capable of destroying enemies from long range with high damage.

2.(2) MORMs- A mobile oil rig that can use it's holding tanks as self detonationg bombs, or it can just latch onto something and detonate itself. 3 men are needed to operate it at peak efficiency.

3. (300)LRHAC- mech unit that digs it's arms into the ground to fire it's large cannon. The cannon fires elemental rounds at long range with high speed and accuracy. The elements it fires are acid for armor, fiire for infantry, and emp bursts for anti air. They also have four machine guns for close range tactics, and finally, anti machine grendes that detonate when in range of enemies.

4. JUGGERNAUGHT C1(3)- Class 1 of the Juggernaught, these are mechs with treds for ability to support mass with low speed. Fully equipped with side turrets (20) twn on each side housed in full armor. They are heavily armored mobile bases. Also, they contain 50 HCBU units, 50 LRHACs, and 2500 of Ian's mobile infantry suits.

5. JUGGERNAUGHT c2(3)- this class of juggernaught is much faster carrying only mobile infantry and its own weight. Along with the 10,000 troops it can carry, there are several ways to deploy the units. first is the ARMA system, it launches the soldiers in a protected projectile that peirces enemy armor. second is a drop tube along the bottom of the machine. Lastly, the units can mount themselves upn the sides of the fortress with a variety of weapons.

6. JUGGERNAUGHT c3(3)- Strictly a mech factory, it can produce machines on the field to aid in the times of need. Also, weapons systems are brought up a whole notch to help protect the valuabl parts within.

7. DANGRA-Deadly Agressive Nightmarishly Godlike Robo Annihilator.

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